TandemLaunch works with driven entrepreneurs to turn research from the world’s best universities into exceptional consumer technology companies

Many great inventions never reach consumers. Many talented entrepreneurs never get exposed to great innovations.

TandemLaunch is a unique company creation studio based in Montreal that bridges these gaps. Since 2010, we have matched dozens of talented entrepreneurs with outstanding inventions sourced from hundreds of universities to build deep technology companies aligned with industry needs. We offer intensive mentoring, education and hands-on operational support to the small number of entrepreneurs we choose to work with.

The result? Startups that consistently scale and delight customers.


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What we do

Our Entrepreneur-in-Residence program offers aspiring and established entrepreneurs a proven path to build world-class deep technology companies in 12 to 18 months. We offer significant Partner-level interaction, guidance and hands-on support to each entrepreneur who chooses to work with us.

During their time at TandemLaunch, we support our entrepreneurs with:


Validating the market strategy with our partners in the consumer technology industry.


Up to $800k in seed financing to grow the venture and follow-on financing.


Sourcing fundamental, market-ready technologies from our university network.


Coaching by our team of entrepreneurial leaders and over 50 invested mentors.


Recruiting and assembling a team of technologists, executives and business leaders.


Continuous back-office services, facilities and operational support.


Who we are


Our core team of operators, entrepreneurs and technologists is supported by invested mentors and technical advisors from all over the world.

Helge Seetzen, Ph.D.
General Partner & CEO
Emilie Boutros, CA
Partner & CFO

Omar Zahr, Ph.D.
Venture Development
Eleonora Vella, Ph.D.
Venture Development
Michal Wieczorek, Ph.D.
Venture Development
Claudia Torregrosa
Talent & Communications Coordinator
Stefan Orzechowski
Corporate Controller
Vanessa Malik
Assistant Controller
Viththiya Mahendrarajah
Troy (Chenxi) Yang
IT & infrastructure
Benjamin Vial
IT & infrastructure

Alan Chalmers, Ph.D.
Donald Prévost, Ph.D.
Maria A. Amer, Ph.D.
Eugene Fiume, Ph.D.
Michael Miller, Ph.D.
John Kymissis, Ph.D.
Wolfgang Heidrich, Ph.D.
Joshua Reiss, Ph.D.
Xue (Steve) Liu, Ph.D.
Nicu Sebe, Ph.D.
Björn W. Schuller
Rafal Mantiuk, Ph.D.
Mark Fairchild, Ph.D.
Gordon Wetzstein, Ph.D.
Annette Mossel, Ph.D.
Sivasubramanian Somu, Ph.D.
Ahmed A. Busnaina, Ph.D.
Marco Gruteser, Ph.D.
Jia Yuan Yu, Ph.D.
Charles Bourque, Ph.D.
Srinivas Sridhar, Ph.D.
Hannes Kaufmann, Ph.D.
Partha Dutta, Ph.D.
Giuseppe Ateniese, Ph.D.
Zeljko Zilic, Ph.D.
Chuan-Jian Zhong, Ph.D.
Jim Little, Ph.D.
Christien Ellis
Muhammed Naveed, Ph.D.
Muhammad Mannan, Ph.D.
Philippos Mordohai, Ph.D.
Janusz Konrad, Ph.D.
David Lie
Petros Spachos, Ph.D.
Graham Taylor, Ph.D.
Fei Song, Ph.D.
Amin Anojomshoaa, Ph.D.
Prasant Mohapatra, Ph.D.
Richard Vaughan, Ph.D.
Hanying Zhou, Ph.D.
Etienne Veilleux
Ariel Shlien
Eric Lemieux
Frederic Latreille
Stephane Rainville

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