February 10, 2018

OCTAS 2018 applications open while Réseau Acion TI congratulates again last year’s winner Mirametrix

Applications for the 2018 OCTAS Awards are now open until April 2, 2018!

For the occasion, the Réseau Acion TI published the video from the top company from last year. Eight months later, we are still as proud of our portfolio startup Mirametrix for winning the 2017 OCTAS Excellence Award!

The video (in French), explains the impressive growth at Mirametrix and how the award has facilitated recruitment while making employees feel engaged and proud of their work.

Mirametrix enables natural human-computer interaction on all consumer electronics powered by its breakthrough Attention Sensing technology. Customers, OEMs and ISVs worldwide are adopting the company’s flagship software platform, Glance by Mirametrix™, to create novel and intuitive user experiences across all devices. Founded in 2011, the team consists of technologists who excel in computer vision, software development and user experience design.


Mirametrix also received the 2017 CES Innovation Award. The prize was announced at the same time as Lenovo revealed Mirametrix’ Glance solution would be included in several of their devices.

Well done Mirametrix!