Montreal Python: Mavi Ruiz Blondet

June 12, 2017

A dive into the mind: sensory stimulation and brain signal analysis by Mavi Ruiz Blondet

Mavi Ruiz Blondet, Venture Intern at Proximity HCI was invited to give a talk at on Montreal Python Meetup, where she presented the entire procedure of EEG signal acquisition.

With  so many commercial EEG headsets available nowadays, such as the Emotive and Neurosky, everyone can run their own experiment, collect and post process data and even do predictions about what the person intends to do. This talk starts with the experiment design,  continues with  EEG signal acquisition and post-processing and ends with how to interpret the signals produced by our brains in face of different types of stimuli and intentions. 

Access the video below:

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