February 1, 2018

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Algolux presents at Electronic Imaging 2018

Algolux is participating to the Electronic Imaging Symposium (EI 2018) organized by the Society for Imaging Science and Technology in San Francisco from January 29 to February 2!

Imaging is integral to the human experience—from personal photographs taken every day with mobile devices to autonomous imaging algorithms in self-driving cars to the mixed reality technology that underlies new forms of entertainment. The Electronic Imaging Symposium spans the entire imaging science ecosystem, from capture (sensors, cameras) through image processing (image quality, color, and appearance) to how we and our surrogate machines see and interpret images. Applications covered include security, virtual reality, machine vision, and data analysis, among others.

Felix Heide, CTO at Algolux who recently won the 2017 ACM SIGGRAPH Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award, delivered two presentations over the course of the conference:

  • January 29 : Automotive Camera Image Quality I Optimizing automotive cameras for image quality
  • January 31 : System, Imaging, and Vision Architecture I Camera-aware neural architecture (CANA) for robust automotive vision

On February 1, the Algolux team gathered around their booth to keep answering questions about how Algolux solutions for image quality optimization and robust perception apply to ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and autonomous vehicles.


Felix Heide discussing CANA from Algolux


Algolux graduated from TandemLaunch in 2013. The team is currently actively looking for a Computer Vision Researcher, a Postdoctoral Researcher, and Senior Computational Imaging Researcher and an Accountant: learn more on their Careers page!