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Jobs in some of our porfolio ventures

C2RO - Software Engineering Lead ; Robotic Vision & Machine Learning Specialist, SaaS Growth Marketing Lead

Aerial - DSP Engineer

Airy:3D - Image Testing Engineer ; Imaging and Machine Learning Research Scientist ; Vice President, Product R&D, Senior Embedded Software Developer

IRYStec - Software Developer ; Senior Software Architect

wrnch - Computer Vision Scientist ; Computer Vision Engineer

SPORTLOGiQ - Computer Vision Researcher ; Senior Back End and Database Developer

Algolux - Senior Embedded Software Developer ; Senior Computational Imaging Researcher

LANDR - Senior User Acquisition Specialist

Various ventures - CEO

As the Chief Executive Officer of a TandemLaunch portfolio company, you will be responsible for the overall operations of the business, revenue generation, development of the executive team, investor relationships and fund raising, as well as the growth of a high caliber organization. As such, great oral and written communication, leadership skills, entrepreneurial energy, pro-activeness, a desire to interact with people, and efficient multi-tasking skills are critical. We also look for prior experience as CEO of a startup (20+ people minimum) or in a comparable General Manager role of a larger organization with independent responsibilities. The following additional experiences have been very helpful to previous portfolio CEOs:
• Previous experience in angel and venture capital fund raising.
• Relevant experience in the Consumer Electronics space, including wearable devices, machine learning, multi-media, human-machine interaction or similar fields.
• Experience with M&A transactions and startup exits (Note that portfolio CEOs generally make an investment of $100k-$250k into their new company as a confidence signal during fund raising so the ability to do so is ideal but not required).

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