March 8, 2017

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs

By Claudia Torregrosa

Someday, there will be no more need for Black History Month, International Day of People with Disabilities or International Women’s Day. But there is still some significant progress to be done, which is why we want to use March 8 as an opportunity to celebrate and thank the women who work with TandemLaunch. We are infinitely proud of you.

Happy International Women’s Day!

كل عام و نساء العالم بألف خير (Arabic)

இனிய மகளிர் தின வாழ்த்துக்கள் (Tamil)

Gelukkige Internationale Vrouwendag (Dutch)

Schönen internationalen Frauentag (German)

 .روز جهانی زن مبارک (Persian)

Feliz día internacional de la mujer (Spanish)

Buona festa delle donne a tutte e a tutti (Italian)

Bonne journée internationale de la femme (French)

Learn more about some of the women who make us proud

They are international

87% of the women entrepreneurs we funded have at least one non-Canadian passport.

Founders from Europe, Latin America and Oceania: we are looking for you too!

Meet Tara Akhavan, CTO at IRYStec.

They are passionate about technology


3 out of 4 women entrepreneurs have a PhD in a technical domain.

Meet Soodeh Farokhi, Co-founder and Technical Lead at C2RO
and learn about her background.The Huffington Post Quebec also choose to honor Soodeh (congratulations!) : read the article (in French) «À compétence égale, les inégalités persistent »

They take on a variety of leadership roles

With a mix of business and technical skills, women entrepreneurs take on challenges in every domain of our companies.
Meet Meryeme Lahmami, Co-founder and Market Lead at BioMindR.

We support women at all levels of our organization


We all have complex lives and support for this is encoded in every aspect of TandemLaunch.

Meet TandemLaunch Partner & CFO Émilie Boutros and learn how she juggles family and career.

There are many more great women among the 300+ employees of our portfolio companies, the TandemLaunch team and our broad base of investors and advisors, as well as many new women Entrepreneurs-in-Residence aspiring to be funded by our newest fund TandemLaunch Ventures II (2016-2020). But for consistency of the data we have focused only on actual funded founders.