Co-found a technology startup



Rise from ideation to Series A

Though our Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EiR) Program, we co-found and finance ventures with outstanding individuals. You join us before you have a pre-defined idea or team and leave our office within 12 to 18 months, right after raising Series A funding. Learn more about the steps in the EiR Program.

We welcome EiRs by cohorts of 5 to 10 individuals from around the globe. Our next start dates:

  • February 1, 2019
  • April 1, 2019
  • June 1, 2019
  • September 1, 2019


Achieve a true impact

  • Launch a company with extensive guidance
  • Apply your theoretical knowledge to solve real problems
  • Assemble and lead a world-class team
  • Advance the state of practice in your field while filing patents and publishing papers in high-impact journals
  • Jumpstart your career in industry


We share common features with the EiRs we select:


We are focused on quality, not on volume. We don’t bet on many and hope a few will succeed, we are investing in each one of you. Unlike traditional venture capital fund, we are compensated solely by our own investment in companies and therefore only succeed if you succeed. This incentive model means that all our efforts are focused on maintaining and improving our 89% success rate from investment to graduation.

You are the best in class. Solving the hardest challenges using technology is what inspires you. You are comfortable taking calculated risk and making fresh ideas flourish in ambiguous environments. You might have already proven your excellence by extensively publishing or filing patents while you completed your PhD, or by holding leadership roles at your university or in the consumer electronics industry. No matter your environment, you have never kept your arms crossed. You are execution-focused, but do not lose track of the big picture. Most importantly, you are inspirational: you are a magnet, drawing people who want to work with you and help realize your vision. You let your achievements speak by themselves: you stay humble.



We invest more resources in you than any other organization. We don’t just orient you in the right direction: we help you shape your company before it even exists. You get introduced to world-renowned professors and license technologies from them that took decades to develop; you pitch and confer with executives from OEMs several times a month; you receive up to $800,000 in financing from us and learn about external grants and funding opportunities; you have unlimited access to our team including executives ready to build privileged bonds with each of you. We commit more attention and resources than traditional incubators, making you more successful right away and hence more prone to access higher investment subsequently. We stay committed even after you leave TandemLaunch, be it through Board meetings or when answering the specific needs you share.

You commit to building a startup full-time in Montreal. You benefit from personalized help with relocation logistics, from immigration paperwork to finding a home or a school for your children. You receive a monthly stipend to cover your living costs. You can leverage our alumni and bond with the other members of your cohort. There is no other place where you find a machine learning scientist sitting next to a hardware engineer and in front of an experienced product manager, all determined to help each other launch companies that make a difference.



We use our model as a framework because its success is proven.  We focus on the consumer technology industry: that’s where our network and expertise lie.  The startups we build are based on defensible technology from academia because inventions should get transferred out of the lab to improve lives. We take technology risk because we know we have a market waiting for the next cutting-edge invention we commercialize. Each technology lends itself to a different business model and thus adjust to the various companies we launch – they do not all share the same needs.

You know your strengths but can never learn enough. TandemLaunch is a place where experience collides with new ideas and rational debate brings forth new opportunities to disrupt. You get coached in what you have not yet been exposed to. You develop an edge while becoming more versatile. You are not afraid of difficult conversations and demonstrate courage, trust and transparency. You are a curious, collaborative, creative and resilient leader with a growth mindset who takes advantage of mentoring. 



We strive for inclusion because it benefits businesses and the broader community. Technology start-ups are in the business of solving problems. People solve problems by picking the best fit among a small set of ready-made solution archetypes that they form based on their socio-economical environments. Thus, if there are more diverse people in an office and if they feel included enough to voice their perspectives, more archetypes will be shared and the likelihood of solving a problem will increase. Diverse people can also act as role models, allowing more people to identify and find the courage to address hard issues to make lives better, everywhere.

You embrace and celebrate differences. Our office is an extremely diverse array of skin colors, accents, citizenships, religions, gender identity, sexual orientations and so forth. You don’t only want to keep it that way: you want to add variety to that palette and value every contrast. You are biased towards diversity and inclusion.


So, ready to build a company with us?







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