May 3, 2018

Fred and Sahil, Co-founder of Soundskrit

My First Month at TandemLaunch

Fred is part of the April 1st cohort where he will be going through the Qualification Phase for six weeks. 

When I first heard about TandemLaunch and the Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EiR) program, it caught my attention because it was a unique incubator idea. I realized that it was a perfect fit because at TandemLaunch there’s more hands-on mentorship available and the core idea of every venture is truly based on tech. One of my philosophies is if you want to build a startup that will succeed, you will need to be innovative and TandemLaunch is exactly that. I also liked the fact that they only accept a small number of EiRs per cohort so even though there isn’t a large number of startups being incubated, the ones that come out are special and especially strong.

In one month, I feel like I’ve learned more about entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem than ever before just by talking to people here at TandemLaunch because I get to know what is driving them to create more and it gives me a better vision of the mind of the entrepreneur. It’s a fresh vision from what I’m used to. Since people here come from different countries and backgrounds, it’s also good to see all the different visions and aspirations.

Be ready to learn and be flexible because people here do things very differently than what you’re used to.

On my first day, I was surprised by the office environment because there was a casual feel to it that I really like, but also very functional at the same time. I had an idea of what to expect on my first day but once I walked in, it was even better than what I imagined. The people here are focused and dedicated, and even on the first day I already had this impression that people are extremely friendly and spontaneous and know how to manage their stress which was good to see.

When you are an entrepreneur you need to really focus because you’ll have meetings with lots of people and have work all over the place. I would say don’t spread out your efforts too much but make every effort count. You’ll need to manage time really well.

The TandemLaunch Lab Space

The TandemLaunch Lab Space

I highly recommend getting interested in other projects that are in TandemLaunch and getting to know the vision for the ventures. I learned a lot by talking to people in existing ventures and also EiRs in the creation phase. It’s shaping the vision of what I want to do. It’s cool to learn about financing because coming from a tech background it’s something I’m not used to and it’s pretty new to me but it’s very exciting at the same time.

By the end of my first week, I was already working on electro-acoustics work for Soundskrit and we quickly found an area where I can contribute, and it was really good that I got to share my expertise and advise on this area and help drive the venture forward. With any work setting I always want to know how I can deliver, how I can help, and how much time I need to do everything.

Fred and Sahil, Co-founder of Soundskrit

Fred and Sahil, Co-founder of Soundskrit

I feel like I am going to learn so much about the day-to-day operations of a startup and learn more about myself in general. I will learn more about my precise role in the future venture I am going to launch. I’m looking forward to learning tech domains out of my comfort zone, not just exclusively looking into my field of expertise but on a broader vision as well.

It’s cool to see how fast people learn and how resilient they are when they come across difficulty in their ventures, and it’s thrilling to see all the awards and accomplishments by everyone. There is not a single day without a memorable thing that happens here!

Be ready to learn and be flexible because people here do things very differently than what you’re used to. The goals and timelines are shorter than what you’re probably used to and the methodology applied is not what you’re used to. Be adaptable and you’re going to learn on the journey.


– Fred (Entrepreneur-in-Residence Candidate)