June 4, 2018

TandemLaunch Intern

My First Week at TandemLaunch as an Intern

Paulina is our newest intern at TandemLaunch, where she will be supporting the team until the end of August. 

My first week at TandemLaunch was also my first week in Canada and working at TandemLaunch has been the highlight of the past week. When I first heard about the internship, I did not know exactly what to expect, I had never worked in the start-up world and I had a very Silicon Valley-like image of this industry. After going on TandemLaunch’s website, checking their social media pages and talking with the former interns, I knew I was in for an innovative and stimulating environment, and it did not fail my expectations!

TandemLaunch Intern

On my first day, I received a warm welcome from both the core team and the entrepreneurs and learned that I would be working closely with Alexandra Reda, the Talent Specialist at TandemLaunch. I was lucky to find a helpful team when I was facing housing issues upon arrival in Montreal. Everyone always had a kind word or an advice on my situation.

I knew I was in for an innovative and stimulating environment, and it did not fail my expectations!

I only started a week ago but coming to work every day is already a joy! I arrive feeling confident and excited every morning as I know I am going to learn from smart and passionate people. By the end of the first week, I was already scheduling my own recruitment calls with prospective interns and managing the overall intern selection. Knowing that qualified people trust you in just a few days after starting the job is an extremely rewarding feeling. During this internship, I know that I am going to learn a lot about the start-up world, the business world but also a lot about the different cultures that are present at TandemLaunch and a lot about myself as I believe you get to discover best through your interactions with others. TandemLaunch is rich in diversity and knowledge and I am grateful to be part of the team!

– Paulina 


Paulina Mièvre recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Business from the Faculty of Administration and International Exchanges, at Université Paris Est Créteil, France.