Fluent.ai at CES 2017

January 6, 2017

Fluent.ai announces release of artificial intelligence solution that greatly improves reliability and accuracy in speech recognition.

Powerful alternative over centralized hubs to voice enable IoT

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. January 6, 2017 – CES – Fluent.ai Inc., today announced the commercialization of its first technology software development kit (SDK) that enables reliable, flexible and language agnostic “speech understanding”, targeted at OEMs and voice UI designers for a wide array of applications. Fluent claims that in many applications a distributed and personalized interface is more effective than a broad-based voice assistant, including minimizing privacy concerns for the Internet of Things (IoT).

“Today’s technologies desperately need better voice user interfaces that respect the individual’s voice,” says Niraj Bhargava, Fluent.ai Inc.’s new CEO. “I am delighted to announce that after years of speech recognition reliability issues, Fluent.ai can enable high performance ‘speech understanding’ irrespective of language, accent or noise environment. All this can be done online or offline with limited data requirements and processing power. After years of research, machine learning and AI can now truly empower the individual.”

Voice interaction is the most natural human way of communicating, however, the promise of a speech interface for everyday devices or tomorrows technology has largely fallen flat because of inaccuracy and unreliability in speech recognition. After billions of dollars of investment and years of development, current solutions barely work reliably for native English speakers, let alone for people with accents, speech impairments or in noisy conditions.

Most mainstream speech interfaces are optimized to search for information, largely in the form of text, requiring large standardized vocabularies.

“Online conversion of speech to text may be well-suited for search-based workflows,” says Bhargava, “but it’s quite inefficient for action-oriented workflows. If the goal is to use speech to ensure targeted action, such as technology interactions while your hands are free for other purposes, transcription to text isn’t required. Fluent has a very small, embeddable footprint that provides user-understanding as devices and interfaces become smarter and smarter.”

“In a way, we have developed technology that learns to understand speech like children learn languages,” co-founder and CTO, Vikrant Tomar explains. “Our state-of-the-art deep neural networks learn to directly extract meaning from acoustic speech signals, providing high reliability for every speaker despite the incredible variability in their speaking styles.”

With a series of patents and after six years of research, Fluent technology learns the meaning of specific speech patterns and triggers actions accordingly. Because it doesn’t rely on standardized vocabularies, it is completely customizable to individual users, even those with complex languages, accents or voice impairments. It understands users far better at first and then improves over time with accuracy approaching 100%. Its offline ability can enhance user security and privacy.

In the coming months, Fluent will be announcing the initial deployments with leading global corporations, and accelerated growth in partnership with valued added investors.


Media alert

Fluent.ai‘s CEO and CTO will describe their technology, market alternatives and answer media questions:

  • 2PM January 6, 2017
  • CES International Business Centre at the Venetian.


About Fluent.ai

Fluent.ai Inc. (www.fluent.ai) is a Canadian company offering OEMs and user interface designers a speech interface solution for their products and services. Fluent’s patented approach sidesteps the need to convert speech to text and instead learns to understand the meaning of audible speech – in any language or accent. The result is highly flexible, accessible and accurate voice interface that performs robustly even in offline and noisy environments.

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