October 3, 2017

[Fluent.ai] Oracle Supercharges Its Cloud Offerings with NVIDIA Tesla GPUs

One of the first to access the new NVIDIA GPU offering from Oracle Cloud is Fluent.ai. Inc. — a member of NVIDIA’s Inception program for AI startups. Fluent.ai offers the world’s first acoustic-only speech recognition technology to OEMs wanting to make their consumer electronics voice enabled.

Fluent.ai’s proprietary neural network algorithms learn to understand meaning directly from a user’s speech. The result is a highly flexible, accessible and accurate voice-interface technology that performs robustly even in offline and noisy environments — in any language or with any accent.

“Running on new NVIDIA GPU instances has significantly optimized the training of our deep learning models compared to the previous-generation hardware,” said Vikrant Tomar, chief technology officer at Fluent.ai. “This allows us to train more sophisticated speech recognition models while reducing the overall job time from weeks to days.”