June 23, 2015

HEC Montréal – Campus International Students visit TandemLaunch

The International Business Campus aims at comparing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Canada with the network and dynamics in another country;   for the second consecutive year, TandemLaunch was chosen as a case study, just before students visit Israel.

2TandemLaunch: Helge Seetzen (CEO) and Claudia Torregrosa (Talent Coordinator). HEC Montréal: Luis Cisneros (Director at Institut d’entrepreneuriat Banque Nationale and Parcours Entrepreneurial Rémi Marcoux), Marie-Claude Lacerte (Assistant at the Institut) and Marie-Ange Masson (Coordinator for the Parcours Entrepreneurial Rémi Marcoux). Special Guest: Serge Beauchemin (Entrepreneur, Investor and Dragon – “Dans l’oeil du Dragon”), 18 students participating in HEC Montréal – Campus International Students visit TandemLaunch the program.

On Wednesday June 17th, TandemLaunch hosted a presentation for HEC Montréal – Campus International Israël. This Program gives students from the BBA and M.Sc. Programs the chance to be part of a 3-week immersive experience in international business. They have privileged access to cultural, political and socio-economic insights abroad and can leverage the expertise and network of experienced teachers and professionals.

As part of their objective to compare business practices in Israël and Canada, eighteen students and three HEC Montréal representatives came to our office to learn about the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Montreal, and our particular model to incubate successful Consumer Electronic ventures.

They counted with the presence of Helge Seetzen, CEO. He spoke of his career path from student and entrepreneur at The University of British Columbia, to CTO & Founder at BrightSide Technologies developing a portfolio of high dynamic range (HDR) technologies, his years as Dolby’s Technology Director and finally as CEO & Founder at TandemLaunch: “It is through new ventures and open minds that we will create wealth and good life conditions”.


3Matt Desruisseaux (Project Leader, Cambridge Ph. D.) pitched Fluent.ai, one of TandemLaunch portfolio ventures

Claudia Torregrosa, Talent Coordinator, was also present and introduced our business model and company portfolio. She explained how TandemLaunch collaborates with Universities, Industry, and Investors to transform bleeding-edge research into consumer-ready products.

Students also had the opportunity to hear from Matt Desruisseaux, Project Lead. He pitched Fluent.ai, a voice command technology that powers personalized experiences in smart cars, smart homes and beyond—and works reliably across languages, accents and noise conditions.

A special guest, Serge Beauchemin, actively contributed to the discussion and provided students with insights into the Quebec entrepreneurial ecosystem.

TandemLaunch wishes the students a great adventure in Israel this summer and invites them to keep their passion for entrepreneurship!


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