Your research can have an immediate impact

How it works


We select promising patented or patentable technologies.


We find scientists and product specialists who champion the commercialization of your inventions through the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program.


We build a team around Entrepreneurs-in-Residence to develop prototypes and products.

Industry Feedback

We get constant feedback from the Consumer Technology industry to validate the market.


Ventures get early traction within 12-18 months.


Up to $750,000 in seed financing per venture is offered, as well as access to our in-house staff, facilities, mentors, industry partners and investors.

How we collaborate with inventors


We take care of the logistics but work with the inventors to develop and iterate the technology for the market.

Advisory Roles

Professors from around the world help us validate technologies and sit on technical advisory board positions in our projects.

Student Opportunities

Student inventors can join our companies as founders, permanent staff or interns.

Potential Funding

Government funding is available for academic-industry collaboration and we are keen to help inventors benefit from it.

>25 university inventions successfully commercialized

Preservation of freedom to publish

Simplified and risk averse IP agreement structure

>30 prolific researchers and professors as Advisors

Some areas of interest

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Sensors
  • Speech recognition



  • Audio
  • Wi-Fi and Communications
  • Display & Imaging
  • Data Analytics
  • Energy
  • Human-Computer Interaction



Want more details?

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