February 8, 2018

Meet the Founder: Craig Buntin – CEO at SPORTLOGiQ

Craig Buntin, former Olympic athlete and CEO at SPORTLOGiQ, tells us about the company he co-founded: SPORTLOGiQ is an AI-powered sports analytics company that helps teams win more games and broadcasters engage more viewers.

“What was amazing about TandemLaunch was working with Helge, with everybody there, to really help shape the idea and find that perfect little blend between the technology and the market idea.

“I initially joined TandemLaunch because I wanted to build something, I didn’t want to start in a larger company to work my way up over years. Coming from the sports world, you’re either going to compete and win or you’re going to lose and fail. There is no in between. So building my own thing and taking on that risk and challenge every day was really a natural step for me. I was in my comfort zone. I came to work every day and had to produce something that didn’t exist before.”