February 15, 2018

ORA wins Gold Prize at the Mobile World Congress Scholar Challenge!

By Claudia Torregrosa

Our portfolio company ORA was announced as a Gold Prize Winner for the Mobile World Congress Scholar Challenge organized by the GSMA. The challenge highlights the most innovative ideas from academic and research communities around the globe. Only 5 companies were selected internationally for this prestigious award!

In addition to a £2,000 cash reward, Ari Pinkas from ORA also won the opportunity to showcase ORA on Mobile World Live TV, four nights of accommodation in Barcelona and a Gold Pass to the MWC 2018. ORA will therefore travel to MWC 2018 and join our portfolio companies Aerial and IRYStec!

If you haven’t heard about ORA yet, you might want to check the interview with one of the co-founders, Robert-Eric Gaskell.

A TandemLaunch company, ORA works with the exciting properties of graphene (the strongest and lightest material known to man) to deliver smaller/lighter, more energy efficient speakers, all while remarkably improving sound quality. Their proprietary technology, GrapheneQ has caught the attention of the 5 biggest mobile brands, and they are working to develop solutions for their mobile/tablet/laptop devices. With a simple drop-in replacement of the speaker’s membrane, GrapheneQ can a) generate up to 4x the volume and b) keep the same volume but significantly reduce the overall size of the speaker (allowing for a bigger battery, thinner devices).

In June 2017, the team launched a successful Kickstarter campaign (see their application video below) that, combined with the Indiegogo campaign, has raised $906,000 to date!

Congratulations to everyone on the team!