December 6, 2017

See you at CES 2018!

By Claudia Torregrosa

This year, five TandemLaunch portfolio companies will be hosting booths at CES 2018 (January 9-12)!


CES, formerly The International Consumer Electronics Show, is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years — the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. As the largest hands-on event of its kind, CES features all aspects of the industry.

Held in January every year at the Las Vegas Convention Centre (Las Vegas, Nevada), CES 2018 expects over than 180,000 attendees travelling from 150 countries to meet 4,000 exhibiting companies including 600 startups. Don’t miss your chance to meet TandemLaunch executives and our portfolio companies!


Note that all booths are located in Sands, Hall G, Eureka Park Marketplace which you can explore through CES Interactive Floor Plan.



Booth #51513

Proximity’s mission is to revolutionize the way humans interact with devices by better understanding the user’s context thanks to a machine learning powered Natural User Interaction library. Through lightweight offline modules, Proximity teaches smart devices to recognize posture, small gestures and environmental context to automate the user’s goals and preferences.

The team provides a NUI library to create new types of actions based on invisible gestures control. Their unique solution includes identifying natural motions, movements and gestures on and around devices using a variety of already implemented low-cost sensors. Proximity creates “context aware” algorithms that enables devices to automatically engage with humans.

Proximity’s SDK easily integrates with existing technology to allow OEMs to augment the user experience in smartwatches, smart bands, tablets, e-reader, toys or any other device with physical sensors. For example, it becomes possible to detect if a user is laying down to optimize the layout of a screen, know how a user grips a device to create actions or localize taps on non-tactile interface with precision to extend interactions.

Meet the co-founders: Alexandre Desilets Benoit and Benoit Martel



Booth #51873

Wavelite enables ultra-low power sensors. It dramatically increases the lifetime of wireless sensors used in Internet of Things (IoT) applications, resulting in battery free operation. Wavelite technology is built upon the concept of backscatter communications. Where wireless signals emitted from a source can be reflected back by a RFID like device, Wavelite hooks up the sensor data on top of the ambient WiFi signals in such a way that the reflected signal can be received an decoded by any commodity WiFi device (laptop, router, etc.) resulting in less power consumption.

Meet one of the co-founders: Bahar Partov



Booth #51069

Kalepso secures financial institutions’ data on the cloud, offering a quantum-resistant solution with the highest security reassurances. Data security is the #1 reason preventing financial institutions from reaping the benefits of the cloud. Their solution allows financial institutions to securely store files and databases while retaining search and retrieval functionality; the technology itself is based on years of research at Harvard. Kalepso effectively masks all leakage channels from everyone – even from a compromised cloud, service, or user.

Meet the co-founders: Georgios Kellaris and Georgios Depastas



Booth #51678

Suometry is a computer vision technology company focused on developing ultra-fast and high-quality live action VR capture. Suometry’s next generation technology stack includes proprietary VR capture, camera calibration, stereographic scene re-projection, VR playback and streaming. Suometry’s current offering includes custom rig-building, camera-agnostic full 3D 360 capture, compression and streaming suite, along with creative production and post production services.

Meet the co-founders: Gina Zhou and Phuc-Tue Le Dinh



Booth #52504

Soundskrit is fundamentally changing the way sound is measured to bring the next generation of audio applications. Despite progress, speech recognition can go from near perfect accuracy to almost 80% error in noisy and reverberant environments. Soundskrit’s bio-inspired, multi-directional microphone design can listen in on a desired speaker or sound without compromising on size or audio quality as with traditional pressure based microphones. This will greatly improving speech recognition and sound localization, enabling a new suite of features to consumer electronics.


Other TandemLaunch portfolio companies will be participating to meetings at CES, including IRYStec or C2RO.

Interested in meeting TandemLaunch executives while at CES? Contact us at [email protected]!