December 6, 2018

The TandemLaunch Success Formula

If you want to build an exceptional consumer technology company, the Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program at TandemLaunch might be a good fit for you! Here are some reasons why.

We have found a systematic way to reduce the risk and maximize the chance for success and as a result, 90% of our companies have successfully secured follow-on financing. This might sound too good to be true but we assure you it is not! Let’s go through the variables of our formula for creating exceptional consumer technology companies, so you can see for yourselves!

Variable 1: World Class Research 

We identify real-world problems with our industry partners and source defensible inventions from universities across the globe. We work with world-class universities including Cornell, Columbia, UBC, Caltech, McGill, Concordia, etc.


Variable 2: Cross-Functional Teams 

We plug in founders to create diversity by assembling a team based on individual merit. Founders join TandemLaunch as individuals and come together as teams without pre-existing attachments. Merit and credibility are the driving forces of recruitment and people are only unified by their shared desire to build a great company. That avoids an astounding amount of drama they might encounter down the line when things get stressful.


Variable 3: In-House Mentorship 

We focus on building a powerful internal knowledge-base and domain expertise in the consumer applications field. Every company we build benefits from the collective knowledge of the companies before it. Our focus on deep technology has built us a powerful network of academic fellows who share their knowledge with our founders, resulting in creative solutions to problems and insights that lead to new opportunities for product development. How to engage customers and what those customers expect from you can differ dramatically across industries. That domain-specific knowledge is really hard to come by for an independent startup, and we have concentrated it here.


Variable 4: Funding 

There are very few places that will invest $600,000 into a non-existing business. That might sound risky, but that’s where we can wield our hands-on daily mentorship network, founder recruitment process, and domain expertise to reduce most of that risk. Our venture development teams work closely with industry to find solutions to their most exciting problems. When you start with that kind of technology-market fit, you’re already at a great advantage.


Exceptional Consumer Technology Companies

Our portfolio consists of several companies that have passed through our pipeline and graduates that have become exceptional consumer technology companies including LANDR, Mirametrix, Algolux, SPORTLOGiQ, wrnch, IRYStec, Stratuscent,, AIRY:3D, Aerial Technologies, ORA Graphene Audio, Suometry and many more in the making!

Now you know why you should join the program but why is the program right for you?

Because you are extremely passionate about building a successful company and you are not here just because you’re bored with your current career. You are goal-oriented, a strong leader with an inventive attitude, a critical thinker and not scared of hard work.

Our next cohort starts on February 1, 2019. Think you’re up for the challenge? Then visit to learn more and apply to become one of our next Entrepreneur-in-Residence.