November 28, 2018

Tips & Tricks for a Successful CES

CES is fast approaching and our teams at TandemLaunch are in full preparation mode to showcase their technologies at one of the global stages for innovation. Here are some tips and tricks that we have learned from the past years of attending the event that we think you will find useful to ensure a successful CES.

Months before CES

This is the time when you should start considering what you want to accomplish before and at CES. Try to always keep CES in the back of your mind and try to sketch down all the tasks that needs to be prepared and always make a game plan!

  • Update and refine your website if possible and necessary; it is often the first impression people get of you and your company.
  • Try to get as much exposure as possible before the event;
    • Update your social media frequently to get traffic to your website
    • Contact journalists that might be interested in doing a piece on your startup
    • Consider getting Linkedin Premium

measuring for ces

Weeks before CES

This is the time to get things as prepared as possible before CES. Remember that things don’t always go as planned, so make sure to have everything in order and prepared in good time!

  • Spend time, effort and resources on your marketing material in order to be perceived as the company you are aiming to become
    • Must haves at CES: white paper, flyers/brochures, executive summary, and business cards
  • Add the CES logo on your website together with your booth number
  • Book meetings in advance
  • Figure out who is attending from your team, four people is ideal (two to attend meetings whilst two can stay at the booth)
  • Plan how to design the booth and order furniture and any other supplies in advance

During CES

This is the time to hustle, so don’t be shy and network, network, network!

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to get some validation, make calls to action!
  • Be visually coordinated; Have matching attire and company t-shirts
  • Spread your marketing material all around – where people have coffee, where people sit to relax, etc.

packing for ces

This year, six TandemLaunch portfolio companies will be at CES 2019 (January 8-11). The companies that will be attending are: Deeplite, Edgehog, Corowave, Wavelite, Soundskrit, and Omniply. Make sure to visit us at Booth #51768 – #51774 and we hope to see you there!