July 6, 2017

WIT Wednesday – The Canada 150 Edition

More details on CVCA’s website.

On Wednesday, July 5th, 2017, the CVCABDC Capital and McRock Capital organized an informal gathering celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary while recognizing Canada’s growing group of female investors and entrepreneurs!

This informal grassroots-style celebration piggy-backed off an already successful monthly networking get-together that Toronto-based women-in-tech have been participating in over the last year. The event, which has informally been named “WIT Wednesday”, brings together many female tech investors and high-growth female entrepreneurs in Toronto on the first Wednesday of every month. The location changes monthly and attendees each bring a bottle of wine or a light snack for a few hours of informal and casual networking.

In the spirit of Canada Day and Canada’s sesquicentennial, the core group of women-in-tech involved in the original WIT Wednesday event series strived to bring together 150 female investors, entrepreneurs and industry stakeholders across the country to celebrate the growth and success of Canada’s innovation economy; notably the strong and skilled female investors and founders and the growing number of females working in the ecosystem.

Afsoon Soudi, Co-Founder and VP R&D at IRYStec; Soodeh Farokhi, Co-Founder and Technical Lead at C2RO and Bahar Partov, Co-founder and Technical Lead at Wavelite were happy to participate to the event!

The participants to #WITCanada150)by CVCABDC Capital and McRock Capital Capital (picture by Amy Pollard)

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