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Venture Development Ecosystem

Industry Network

Our industry network recognizes TandemLaunch as a consistent producer of robust, IP-backed technology ventures.

Consequently, they providing insight into their problem statements and strategies to guide our venture team.

Academic Fellow Network

The Academic Fellow Network consists of the inventors behind our current portfolio companies. Our fellows guide to our entrepreneurs and utilize the network to form new contacts in the consumer technology industry and generate new ideas for their research.

Technology Licensing Offices

Technology licensing offices can submit their technologies for general market feedback and commercialization through our program. Our venture team is always available to answer general questions on startup development.


Academic inventors who are interested in seeing their research impact the world can submit their technologies for review.

Professors can reach out to our venture team for opportunities for research collaborations and internships for their students.

Investor Network

Our investor network consists of experienced technology entrepreneurs ready to guide our leads through their journey from venture creation to graduation.