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13 décembre 2021

Betakit - Narwhal Project Canadian Accelerator Ranking

« The list includes 21 Canadian accelerators, incubators, and entrepreneurial programs, ranking them based on data collected through Crunchbase in the summer of 2021. »
TandemLaunch a été classé dans le top 3 des accélérateurs au Canada.
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18 novembre 2021

Forbes - Lattice Semiconductor Acquires Mirametrix In An All-Cash Transaction

« This week Lattice Semiconductor announced that it has officially acquired Mirametrix INC. in an all-cash transaction. The specific terms of the deal aren't public knowledge yet. We know that the acquisition of Mirametrix will expand and deepen Lattice's offerings, especially in the compute and automotive markets. »
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17 septembre 2021

Hinge Health acquires the most advanced computer vision technology

« Hinge Health, the world’s #1 Digital Musculoskeletal Clinic™, has acquired wrnch, developer of the leading computer vision platform for measuring human motion. »
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8 septembre 2021

Accesswire - AAVAA, Inc. Announces its Proprietary Attention-Directed Hearing Enhancement Technology and Launches US $6m to $8m Funding Round

« AAVAA, Inc. today announced it has begun commercialization discussions with OEM's in the hearing assistance, personal audio, and hearing protection industries to integrate its world-leading attention-directed hearing enhancement platform into their devices. »
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18 août 2021

Business Wire - NOZE, World's First Consumer Device That Monitors for Coronavirus Risk Is Here

« Stratuscent, a Canadian AI startup which has developed the world’s leading technology to digitize the sense of smell leveraging its exclusive license to NASA patents, announced today the global launch of a new smart device; NOZE – the world’s first AI-powered air quality monitor designed to be a first line of defense against the airborne transmission of the Coronavirus. »
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21 juillet 2021

PR Newswire - Edgehog Secures $1.25 Million in Seed Round Led by TandemLaunch

« Edgehog Advanced Technologies Inc., developer of the world's best nanotextured, omni-directional, anti-reflective glass, announces the first closing of $1.25 million of its $2.5 million Seed Capital raise. »
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15 juin 2021

Globe Newswire - Ora Graphene Announces a Strategic Investment to Advance Lead in Graphene Commercialization

« Ora Graphene, the world’s first commercial producer of free-standing graphene membranes, announced the closing of its $3 million Seed financing round today. »
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13 avril 2021

Business Wire - Deeplite Raises $6-million Series Seed to Enable AI for Everyday Life

« Montreal-based AI startup Deeplite Inc. today announced the closing of a $6-million seed financing round led by the Boston-based venture capital firm PJC with participation from leading AI technology venture firms and industry leaders... »
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30 novembre 2020

Vision Systems Design - AIRY3D: An economical approach to 3D image sensor design

« A spin-off of Montreal startup incubator TandemLaunch, AIRY3D (Montréal, QC, Canada; takes an economical approach in 3D image sensor design. »
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26 novembre 2020

Platform Africa - TecXposition sees African game changers LATYS, Eversend & TRÎ showcase cutting-edge solutions

« ...Founded in 2020 by Eyitemi Popo and Gursimran Singh Sethi, LATYS is a startup based in Montréal which has a clear-cut vision of transforming the technological world and is also supported by the leading deep tech start-up incubator, TandemLaunch. »
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27 mai 2020

Le Journal de Montreal - Québecor puise à nouveau dans le génie technologique Québécois

« Québecor fait appel au nouvel outil de ciblage média de l’entreprise montréalaise Contxtful, qui a développé une technologie capable de se passer des fameuses données personnelles. »
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26 mai 2020

PR Newswire - HaiLa Technologies Inc. Raises $5 Million in Seed Financing to Commercialize Low Power IoT Solution

« HaiLa Technologies Inc., a Canada-based semiconductor start-up that has developed a low power communication technology for IoT, announced today that it has raised $5 million in an oversubscribed seed round led by Chrysalix Ventures. »
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5 mars 2020

La Presse - CONTXTFUL: cibler, mais cibler éthique

« CONTXTFUL a été fondée à Montréal en juillet 2018 par trois experts du marketing, des médias et de la programmation avec un objectif précis : trouver une façon d’interagir sans interface avec les téléphones intelligents. »
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28 janvier 2020

Newswire - CONTXTFUL Raises $2M in Seed Funds to Commercialize Its Receptivity™ & Rituals™ Products

« CONTXTFUL, a Montreal-based technology start-up focused on developing products that provide insights on mobile users, improving how advertisers and insurers interact with their customers, today announced it has raised $2 million in seed financing. »
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4 novembre 2019

Venture Capital Journal - TandemLaunch collects about $30 mln for third fund

« Montreal-based TandemLaunch has closed its third fund at about $30 million. TLVIII will back 20 new Canadian tech startups. »
[Lire l’article (en anglais)](Montreal-based TandemLaunch has closed its third fund at about $30 million. TLVIII will back 20 new Canadian tech startups.)


19 février 2018

Montreal in Technology - IRYStec wants to make displays healthier and safer for your eyes

« IRYStec’s eye friendly approach to improving display readability in bright and dark lighting conditions as well as reducing eye strain will benefit everyone. IRYStec is helping display device manufacturers develop healthier displays »
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10 janvier 2018

TechCrunch - Inspired by insect ears, Soundskrit wants to make microphones magically directional

« [With] Soundskrit’s tech, sound enters from all sides and, based on how it vibrates the membrane, its origin can be determined with a pretty decent accuracy. And it does it without compromising the quality or tone of the sound. »
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24 octobre 2017

Montreal in Technology - C100 sending three Montreal companies to California for 48Hrs in the Valley

« Algolux, an AI automation platform that improves image quality tuning of cameras. »
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4 octobre 2017

Montreal in Technology - C2RO platform used in data stream experiment at MIT

« C2RO’s platform autonomously detects any people in frame by analyzing image feedback from thermal cameras. Its dashboard displays image feedback in real-time as well as an updated count of the number of people in frame. »
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26 septembre 2017

Techvibes - is Quickly Becoming the New Standard for Voice Recognition

« created the world’s first acoustic voice interface for intelligent devices and user interfaces. »
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30 août 2017

Betakit - SPORTLOGiQ Raises $5 Million Series A as It Eyes European Expansion

« Montreal-based Sportlogiq, which has developed an AI-powered player tracking and sports analytics platform, has just raised a $5 million Series A funding round. »
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30 août 2017

Techvibes - SPORTLOGiQ Picks Up $5 Million in Series A Funding

« SPORTLOGiQ’s advanced analytics platform helps track every player on a sport’s playing field, whether it be ice, grass pitch or diamond, and offer fans and teams alike the opportunity to watch the game in a way they never thought possible. »
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29 août 2017

Montreal in Technology - SPORTLOGiQ raises $5 million Series A to expand their AI-powered sports analytics platform to Europe

« SPORTLOGiQ, the future of advanced sports analytics, announced today that they have raised $5 million in Series A funding. »
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3 août 2017

The Huffington Post - À compétence égale, les inégalités persistent

« J'ai cofondé C2RO, une startup spécialisée en robotique et Cloud computing avec mon cofondateur, un expert en robotique. »
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31 juillet 2017

Montreal in Technology - Aerial Technologies raises $2.25 million to commercialize its Motion Intelligence Interface for the Wi-Fi home

« Aerial has offices in Montreal, the US, and Europe, and the technology, already in pilot with several large Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Multi Service Operators (MSOs), will be deployed into existing equipment offered through these service providers. »
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13 juillet 2017

Betakit - Tandemlaunch and Mistral Venture Partners Announce Partnership, Invest in Montreal-based Stratuscent

« TandemLaunch focuses on gathering ideas and patents from universities in areas such as artificial intelligence, audio-visual processing, computer vision, smart sensors, and wireless systems, which are used to build companies that are capitalized and prepared for follow-on VC funding. »
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11 juillet 2017

Le Journal de Montréal - Aerial Technologies: 2 M $ pour sa croissance

« Aerial se sert du réseau Wi-Fi déjà présent pour implanter sa solution. Résultat, pas besoin d’installer une nouvelle infrastructure dans la maison ou l’entreprise, une économie de temps, d’argent pour les entreprises de sécurité et de télécommunications qui y voient un immense potentiel. »
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12 mai 2017

Techvibes - Canadian AI Startup Raises Seed Round to Commercialize Voice Technology

« has raised a seed round. The artificial intelligence startup secured $1.8 million from BDC Capital, Danhua Capital, AI investors from the Creative Destruction Lab, and angel investors from the Maple Leaf Angels. »
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12 avril 2017

Betakit - LANDR Partners with Ascap to Provide Unlimited Mastering to 600,000 Composers

« LANDR uses AI and machine-learning to create algorithms that can master tracks within minutes. Creators upload their tracks onto LANDR’s cloud system, where the program picks up on patterns based on the genre of the music and masters the track. »
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6 septembre 2017

Montreal Gazette - Hockey analytics company Sportlogiq plans to expand into soccer

« Buntin is the CEO of Sportlogiq, a Montreal-based startup that’s developed a computer program that gathers and analyzes data from hockey games using nothing but video. »
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18 mars 2017

Montreal Gazette - McGill-born technology aims to revolutionize headphones, speakers

« In the early days, Ora had it sights set on the headphone market, where growth potential was great — 2014 was the year Apple purchased headphone maker Beats Electronics for US$3 billion. »
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4 janvier 2017

La Presse - Une start-up montréalaise fait tourner les yeux à Las Vegas

« La jeune entreprise montréalaise Mirametrix a trouvé un premier partenaire pour apporter sa technologie Glance au grand public, et pas n'importe lequel. »
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23 juin 2016

Montreal in Technology - Sportlogiq CEO: We’re the future of advanced sports analytics

« Sportlogiq’s technology generates advanced hockey analytics using standard, single-camera game footage. The computer vision system uses a combination of player tracking and activity recognition algorithms to flag specific game events such as shots or passes, it timestamps them and records their x-y coordinates on the ice. »
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16 juin 2016

Montreal in Technology - Inspiring Founders: Everyone said no to Helge Seetzen

« The folks at TandemLaunch seem to get along well with a boss who probably doesn’t take himself too seriously. But make no mistake about it: as Seetzen and company head into their third fund (this one worth $12 million), this CEO means business. »
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10 juin 2016

La Presse - 10 jeunes entreprises techno montréalaises prometteuses

« Aerial clame avoir développé un logiciel capable d’utiliser les simples ondes WiFi comme une sorte de radar capable non seulement de repérer des intrus, mais aussi de les identifier. »

30 mai 2016

Montreal in Technology - TandemLaunch to raise 3rd fund, initial close at $12 million

« TandemLaunch, a Montreal-based company creator and incubator, has announced the initial close of its third fund at $12 million. »
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24 mai 2016

Techvibes - TandemLaunch Raises $12 Million to Invest in Tech Startups

« TandemLaunch’s incubation model is unique not only in Canada but internationally (...) It’s been effective in sourcing promising technologies from some of the world’s top research universities and turning them into actual Canadian companies. »
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10 mai 2016

Montreal in Technology - Datacratic, SportlogiQ among startups selected to 48Hrs in the Valley

« SportlogiQ is a computer vision technology company that provides advanced sports analytics to broadcast media and professional teams. »
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20 mars 2016

La Presse - Le Canadien Sous La loupe De Christopher Boucher

« SportLogIQ est donc à même d’établir la valeur des joueurs en fonction de leurs véritables actions sur la glace. »
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15 mars 2016

Montreal in Technology - Algolux’s band of PhD researchers take on big challenges in image processing

« Algolux’s approach is so unique because it’s using software to mimic and improve processes that have traditionally been hardware-based. It means Algolux can solve problems within image processing that would be very difficult with hardware, and this can lead to higher-quality images. »
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26 février 2016

TechCrunch - Augmented Reality Computer Vision Startup Wrnch Gets $1.8M Series A Led By Mark Cuban

« As a diversified technology investor, I have a ring side seat to watch how AR/VR is set to change the world,” said Cuban in a statement. “I am excited to help the wrnch become the go-to tool for computer vision development. »
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16 février 2016

CNBC - Nas is like...half man, half venture capitalist

« One of QueensBridge's latest investments is LANDR, a start-up that uses big data and artificial intelligence to produce music. »
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25 septembre 2015

Financial Post - Can you build a better hockey team with analytics? These Canadian startups are betting on it

« Montreal-based startup SPORTLOGiQ is using analytics to provide pro teams with a way to back up their assertions about any player, elite or fringe, and build a roster without overlooking players that mai not be best-in-class, but are a strategic fit. »
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